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It’s the dawning of a new day as the Bridegroom lifts the veil over His Bride’s face so she will behold Him face to face. He’s coming to His Bride before He comes for her. And like the Shulamite in Song of Solomon she’s waiting breathlessly for her Beloved’s kiss. A Daughter of the Dawn will be so in love with her Beloved that the enemy cannot restrain her. “Love” will motivate her every move and boldly direct her every word.  The Bride will do nothing apart from her Beloved.


“Daughters of the Dawn” will raise up leaders led by the Holy Spirit of Truth that will not compromise. Once the veil is lifted over her face the bride’s beauty of holiness will shine forth and the Lord will be glorified through her.


“Daughters of the Dawn” is God’s signature handprint for the end times. It’s an end-time army movement of the Bride of Christ, the Melchizedek Priesthood, the manifest sons and daughters of God. In the last days there will be many names for the Bride of Christ. The Bride is coming out of the wilderness leaning on her Beloved walking in power and might. Fearlessly she’ll invade the enemy’s camp destroying all the enemies of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.


There’s a last day battle-taking place in the earth today and this army is called to action. The Bride of Christ can no longer observe, they are called to participate. Each one is called to arm themselves with power and light and be prepared for action. They are the sons and daughters of “Light” who no longer sit in darkness. And as His love is being perfected among them, they have boldness because as He is, so are they in this world.


“Daughters of the Dawn” is birthed in “Love” ignited with Holy Spirit’s power. It’s rich in prophetic revelation and flows by the gifts of the Spirit. This warrior Bride demonstrates the mature fruit that remains. 

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