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Bonnie Jones
Special Speaker | Bonnie Jones  | 6 PM Service

Special Speaker | Bonnie Jones | 6 PM Service

Bonnie speaks the word in Spirit and truth through love delivering a much needed message for the current times. Through her passion for the Lord and quick wit, she delivers a power packed punch that drives home truth. She continues to expand on her late husband, Bob Jones, message “Did you learn to love?” as she reveals the heart of the Father for the harvest. Bonnie Jones has written several books including several Shepherd’s Rods, Fruit of the Spirit, Poetry from the Heart, The Power of the Spoken Word and Did You Learn to Love. For information regarding scheduling Bonnie Jones to speak at an event or conference, please contact Don’t forget to share this message with a friend and be sure to subscribe for more encouraging and faith-building content! Click here to watch the latest sermons: To support this ministry, click here: Or, or text “givesrc” to 970-00. Awakening People to their identity and destiny in Jesus Christ. This is the mission of Seattle Revival Center, led by Pastor Darren Stott, based in Newcastle, WA. —— Stay Connected Website: Seattle Revival Center Facebook: Seattle Revival Center Instagram: Seattle Revival Center YouTube: Darren Stott Facebook: Darren Stott Instagram: #seattlerevivalcenter #onlinechurch #churchonline
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